OTAKU FESTIVAL – An event open the Otaku’s world

The Otaku Festival series of events is known for its cuteness, fun and creativity, providing an open space for the otaku community. Otaku Festival is a meeting and connection place for anime and manga cosplay enthusiasts, where everyone can freely express their interests and creativity.
With a series of diverse and interesting activities, Otaku Festival often organizes cosplay contests, game exchanges, art exhibitions, discussion panels and workshops on various topics related to anime and manga. . More than just a place to participate in creative activities, Otaku Festival is also a great opportunity to meet new friends, share interests and experiences, and create memorable memories with the vast otaku community.
With an open and welcoming spirit, Otaku Festival typically welcomes people from all ages and cultures. Immersion in this space helps people find the freedom to express themselves and meet people with similar interests, creating an exciting and vibrant environment.